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India has been the home for the world’s oldest civilisations. Indian history is full of ancient knowledge and wisdom which even in the present times serve as the guiding lights to the brightest minds globally. It’s our unique traditions and culture due to which we stand out from rest of the world. Thus, protection of this wealth and spreading awareness becomes necessary.

To serve this purpose BHARTIYA SANSKRITI GYAN PARISKSHA is conducted at school level throughout India. This competition is open for all students without any barriers of religion caste or economic condition. They are given a definite syllabus to learn which consists of a motivating blend of moral education, India’s tradition & culture, India’s contribution to the world in different areas.

The goal is to make aware the students who are the future of this country so they can get a glimpse of the greatness our country holds. It motivates the students to pursue inspiring people who have led this whole world through harsh times. It enhances not only the IQ but also EQ and SQ of the child.

It is a unique initiative which aims at targeting the students to acquire great qualities in life and be a leader in every aspect of life.

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