yuva abhyuday 2021

Yuva Abhyuday 2021 – A Tale of Courage, Humanity and Perseverance

DIYA (Divine India Youth Association) Delhi, hosted its annual flagship event this 14th March 2021. Witnessing a gigantic participation of 10,000 youngsters from across the globe it became one of the most successful event.

Yuva Abhyuday mainly focuses on providing youngsters with hope, solutions, and most importantly the right direction in which they need to focus their inner energies to achieve excellence in ever part of life. We at DIYA Delhi understand the difference and importance of ‘Personality Refinement’ rather than Personality Development. YUVA ABHYUDAY, is a program tailored to refine their personalities instead of just developing it. Specialist from various fields, great personalities, living idols are called to share glimpses of their journey, their undefeated courage and their unique approach to the problems faced by them.

Current times have been challenging for each of us. We are witnessing a time which has raised a serious question on the very existence of humanity itself. In these tough times we saw few people who refused to be defeated and lead the whole world from darkness towards light. The speakers of Yuva Abhyuday 2021 were such personalities who breed spirits of a warriors in their core and have conquered the world with their undying spirit.

Below is the list of the Hon’ble panel which graced us by their presence:

1- Pranav Pandya – MD Gold Medalist, Head – All World Gayatri Pariwar, Chancellor – Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (DSVV), Haridwar, Pioneer of Scientific Spirituality

2- Shri Nishant Jain – Director of Tourism, Government of Rajasthan, Renowned Author, Motivational Speaker, 2014 UPSC Topper

3- Shri Sonu Sood – Actor, Philanthropist (Recognised by United Nations and across the globe)


Glimpses of Discussions

1- Pranav Pandya

Experience is an invaluable asset. Revered Dr. Pandya started by explaining the real meaning of “YUVA”. Who should be considered a youngster? Bhagat Singh, Rani Laxmi Bai and many others who have created history were people who the never ending flow of energy and utilised this energy to conquer something great. While enlightening the audience about the causes of failure and its importance in life he shared about Swami Vivekanand who came across many failures in his life but refused to give up and fought till his last breath.

Explained that Stress management is important to fight negativity and depression. Stress has been divided into two parts:

Youngsters should religiously perform Yoga and Pranayam for increasing their productivity and efficiency and enhancing vitality. He gave the formulae of CONSISTENCY + PERSISTENCY = SUCCESS. He concluded his speech by advising the audience to stick with the formula of:


2- Shri Nishant Jain

This legendary IAS officer currently serving as the Director of Tourism in the Government of Rajasthan began his speech by these inspiring lines:

“Iss nadi ki dhaar se thandi hawa aati toh hai;
Naav jarjar hi sahi lehron se takrati toh hai;
Ek chingari kahi se dhundh lao e doston;
Iss diye me tel se bheegi baati toh hai”

– Dushyant Kumar

These lines are enough to inspire and motivate anyone but Shri Nishant Jain continued his speech by sharing his journey. How a boy from a middle class family became a reputed IAS officer. He also shared about his obsession with the word ‘ADHIKAARI’ and how that helped him to become the man he is now. He continued to share some points which are important and one should adapt to become successful in his field. The points are below mentioned:

  • Let noble thoughts come from all the directions.
  • Selfless hardwork and positive thinking.
  • Truth is not absolute but multi-fold. So try to see things from different perspective.
  • Don’t take extreme ways instead find a middle way/ solution.
  • Always keep ourselves busy, happy and organised.
  • Concentrate and work on our own virtues and don’t envy the competitors.
  • Identify our strengths and weaknesses (SWOT Analysis).
  • Move ahead together and motivate others also.
  • Work on short term goals.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Finally, take pride in Indian culture.

These words of wisdom are enough to transform anyone into a successful person.

3- Shri Sonu Sood

Not only by his brilliant acting skills but he has impressed the whole world by his caring and helping nature. A man who is a reel life hero and also a real life hero as well. Shri Sonu Sood shared his story how he and his team helped millions of people in the pandemic situation and inspired millions to come forward and give the help and love which they received from others during the time of need. Selfless help was the key to success in his life. He averred that helping others without an iota of expectations was indeed the best thing that he did in his whole life and how this has changed his mindset and his life. Finally, he assured that everyone who needs help or wants to help others in any way are very much welcome to contact and join him. He also announced the launch of ‘Project Sambhavam’. An initiative where Sonu Sood Foundation and DIYA Delhi will provide free coaching to aspirants of civil services.