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Women have a very significant role in shaping the future of this country. While they play multiple familial roles such as that of a daughter, a sister, a wife, and that of a mother, they have also started to make their presence felt in the professional realm. They are the real architects of the society. Their wisdom has guided us through generations, and today when we in the 21st century, women are leading from the front. But regressive notions and stereotypes about women, still prevail in the society that prevents women from reaching their ultimate potential.

Women have the right to get equal opportunity in every field. Women’s empowerment and promoting women’s rights have emerged as a part of a major global movement and is continuing to break new ground in recent years.

We believe that to retrieve the past glory of the nation, to abrogate the unpleasant dreadful situations prevailing in the society, to restore lost human values, to strengthen the nation with a value system based on the strength of good character, women have to be apprised and brought up to their role in nation-building. The challenges of all rounding impeding factors cannot be confronted without this restoration.


1. Keep alive law of equality.
2. Maintain complacency and balance in the family.
3. Holistic development of next generation.
4. Balanced economic development.
5. Raise the base of righteous feeling and tendencies

To achieve our objectives, we regularly conduct a variety of programs such as Bal Sanskar Shala, motivational and awareness programs, seminars, guest lectures and conferences for legal rights of women to make themselves well-educated, cultured, self-sufficient, well-developed & make them aware about their responsibilities and to the realization of fundamental rights by eminent women personalities. It not only involves educating the women, but also, educating the men to change their attitude and behaviour and perception towards women.

Our programs promote parity in Male / Female in the socio-economic structure of the society by:

1. Educating and sensitizing families with women education.
2. Establishing equal law, neither male dominant/neglect nor female arbitrariness.
3. Inviting females to take leadership positions in all the programs that we conduct.
4. Working on capacity building and skill development of women
5. Denouncing irrational beliefs and stereotypes that disempower women

Women in today’s world have started realizing their rights, power & their need of involvement on emotional development of society. Awakened women have proven to be great personalities for the society to follow. Their achievements are a proof of the same. Our programs also throw light on these points and motivate women in to take key steps for society building.

Women’s empowerment can be defined in simple words like promoting women’s sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others. DIYA has been at the forefront of empowering women in all fields. It has also broken the psychological barriers that hinders women’s progress. Most importantly, we have made sure that we provide safe and friendly environment where each of us are treated equally and there’s go discrimination.

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