100th tree plantation

Swami Vivekananda on various occasions has declared that perseverance is the key to success. We followed his theory and got amazing results. DIYA Delhi has recently completed its 100th Tree Plantation Drive. On this occasion, we were blessed by the gracious presence of well renowned Environmentalist Dr. Faiyaz A. Khudsar, Smt. Padmavati Dwivedi and Shri Pradeep Dixit (Head, Gayatri Chetna Kendra, Noida)

With a great vision in our eyes we have been acting dedicatedly and unstoppably to reshape the future. There are innumerable reasons why pollution needs to be controlled immediately but majority of people don’t act in this way.

2 years ago, members of DIYA Delhi pledged that we will be the torch bearers for providing solutions to this issue of pollution in the national capital. We came forward and initiated our PROJECT HARIYALI. In which we innovated some new concepts to provide momentum to this initiative and also involve the citizens in this noble cause.

The concept of “Taru Putra” and “Taru Mitra”

‘TARU PUTRA’ means adopting the trees which we plant as our children. Couples on their anniversaries, people on their birthdays plant some trees and adopt them for their entire life. They maintain and take care of the plant from potential threats and help them grow into mighty trees which ultimately results in generation of immense amount of love, compassion and burning urge to do more for the society.

‘TARU MITRA’ is a similar concept with the same philosophy. Children on their birthdays plant trees and protect and maintain them so there plants grow into mighty trees. When you care about a plant and you look after its needs like water and fertilizers etc. you develop a strong bond with that plant. Why should you not? When you realise that they also have lives it make you feel relieved, contended and love. It makes you feel that have actually done an awesome job.

Note: All the expenses are in planting the trees are incurred by DIYA. This program is totally free. All you have to do is show up in the program and plant some trees and adopt them. All you have to do is water these plants with love and it will give it back to us in the form of fruits, flowers etc. but most importantly clean air.

Please click on the below link to register as a volunteer.