Ambitions, attitude, discipline, curiosity are the determinants of success and failures. But, it all depends on whether we choose the right direction or not. Every year around 35.6 million (estimated) students enrol in colleges for higher education in India. College life is the golden period of life where a student gets the first sneak peek of the real world. This period is so crucial that if there’s a slight deviance from the path then it can lead to total wastage of the potential of a person. A person who could have achieved great success in life can just end up being an ordinary chap if he is not given the right direction.

DIYA Delhi family has identified the lacuna in our fabric of the society. We follow the ideology that students should savour and enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful period with optimum utilisation of their time and energy. Either, the students get totally drowned in useless activities and end up wasting their potential or they end up being a book worm and learning practically nothing.

To tackle this we have taken a step forward and started this project where we reach out to the colleges and students totally free of cost we provide counselling sessions, deliver presentations and organise camps in the colleges to facilitate the students in many ways and give them a proper direction to engage in constructive activities.

Through our Project Dishabodh we have touched the lives of more than 2000 students in the last 2 years and still counting. More than 10,000 students participated in our annual event YUVA ABHYUDAY 2021. Our representatives have been called in reputed institutes like Galgotias University and other colleges of Delhi University. Many students connect with us through our different programs and the feedback has been just amazing. Almost, all the students who have joined us have felt overwhelmed.

You are also welcome to join us in our movement of influencing and transforming the lives of people around you.

To register as a volunteer, please click on the below link.