social initiatives


It’s rightly said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. It’s one of the longest standing customs in India that we clean our houses and also paint our houses during festivals like Dusshera and Deepawali. The mythological thought process behind such customs is that we invite many Gods and Godesses (including Goddess Laxmi) into our homes. This might be acceptable to some and some might strongly disagree with this thought process. But, scientifically it has been proven that cleanliness directly affects our positivity, immunity, health, emotional stability and many other things which we might not notice.

We the members of DIYA strongly are of opinion that cleanliness is an integral part of our life and we are not only responsible to keep our houses clean but as a part of society we should give back. We make sure that we invest our resources, energy, time and potential in such creative programs that inspire people to join us in our movements promoting cleanliness (Swachhata).

It won’t be wrong if you call us a little notorious in this but we like it that way. Our teams are full of young energetic and dedicated people and are led by even more energetic, young and dedicated leaders who have done a phenomenally great job in this field. Not to brag but below mentioned are a pinch of activities which we have done:

  1.       Consistently conducted Hindon river cleaning drives
  2.       Cleaning green spaces in and around Mukherjee Nagar
  3.       Our students of Bal Sanskar Shala help us clean their residential areas including slums
  4.       Special programs are conducted on 2nd October each year

We might not notice but outer cleaning and hygiene directly affects our inner environment. It is extremely important for humans to dwell in clean and sanitised environment. This is the key and initial point of reaching out to our inner self and cleaning our mind, heart, body and soul. Our inner intellect always calls for a clean environment.

Remember, there lies a great amount of energy in the youngsters like us. We can change the world if we master our energies, learn to channelize it and focus it on a constructive objective. What we need to do is to make up our minds and decide firmly that we will change the situation. ‘SWACHTA SE SEWA’ is where we begin……

To join us as a volunteer, please click on the below link.