Shantikunj and other establishments

Shantikunj and other establishments

Shantikunj was founded by the Saint-Scholar-Philosopher par excellence, Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharyaji , who served India in its freedom Struggle as a Warrior with indomitable Valor & Dedication. Over the years, Shantikunj has emerged as a Peculiar & Pivotal Center of power and fountain-head of a global movement, Yug Nirman Yojna (Movement for the Reconstruction of the Era) which empowers the vision of  moral-spiritual regeneration in the light of hoary Indian heritage. It is the head-quarter of the All World Gayatri Pariwar, which has a following of millions devoted disciples world-wide.
Following the vision of the Yug-Rishi (Saint of the Era), the founder, organizer and patron, Shantikunj has grown into a unique fountain-head of moral, ethical and spiritual awakening of the masses in India which is carrying the message of love, peace, understanding and unity-in-diversity to all corners of the globe. Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya’s message is lighting up human consciousness to a higher and nobler realm of Love and life instincts with divine harmony and joy. 
Development of divinity in mankind is the foremost goal and objective of Shantikunj. Pledged for national peace, prosperity, amity, love, goodwill and fraternity irrespective of region, religion, faith, caste, creed, sect etc., Shantikunj is a unique abode true to its name, Shanti meaning “Peace”, Kunj meaning “Garden”. Visitors of all faiths & linkages are glued to this Ashram (Spiritual Center). The courteous ovation and pleasing treatment add glory to the solemn attraction of this place.
Expansion of National Unity, Amity and Brotherhood and extinction of ignorance, jealousy, hatred, and strife from globe are being attempted by popularizing Gayatri Mantra, Yagna and Sanskaars (sacramental rites), the adoption of which invokes celestial thoughts and inspires for divine deeds. The divinity may be seen firmly fixed in every activity of this holy pilgrimage center.
The most important role played by Shantikunj is in conducting several training programs for reinstatement of moral, cultural and ethical values, integration of various faiths and sects into one common thought process, and channelization of energies of youths.

Shantikunj acts as a centre for guiding various Gayatri Pariwar activities like social reformation activities, psychosocial engineering, disaster management, self-reliant development of rural India, revival of Vedic culture, innovative research in ayurveda, ascent, empowerment of women and so on. Shantikunj has a vast network of about 5000 Shakti Peethas-Pragya Peeths (Centers of knowledge and Divine power), 25000 Pragya Sansthans & 30,000 Swadhyaya Mandals (self-study groups) worldwide, which regularly organize spiritual  discussions and discourses on various aspects in their areas to advance the noble cause of the Mission.

Salient Features of Shantikunj:

1.  Social Reforms 

2. Psycho-Social Engineering 

3. Disaster Management 

4. Self-reliant Development of Rural India 

5. Comprehensive Training Programs 

6. Revival of Vedic Culture 

7. Reinvestigation of Vedic literature & Methods of Sadhana 

8. Sixteen Sanskars (sacramental rites) 

9. Vichar Kranti Abhiyan (Thought Revolution Movement) 

10. Innovative research in Ayurveda 

11. Tirthas (Pilgrimage Centers) 

12. Worshiping the deity of human life through threefold path of Upasana , Sadhana and Aradhana 

13. Ascent and Empowerment of Women 

14. Transformation of Youth: Shiksha and Vidya ( Education , Knowledge and Righteous Intellect) 

Brahmavarchas Research Centre:

Pujya Gurudev wasn’t satisfied with merely writing and publishing philosophical articles.  He was eager to test them out using modern scientific equipment and experiments, and convey its findings to the intellectuals.  This intense desire was unfolded in the form of Brahmavarchas Research Institute which came into being in 1979 which is situated at the Sapt Sarovar road about 5 kilometers away from the Haridwar station in the direction of Rishikesh in India. This research institute which is totally dedicated to Scientific Spirituality is the only one of its kind in the entire world.  It carries out critical analytic research studies as well as scientific experiments on spiritual principles and practices.  For two decades since its inception, its efforts and scientific findings have restored the faith of many, in India and abroad, in spirituality.

This center is dedicated to the integration of the modern and ancient sciences in a practical way aimed at the noble goal of health and happiness for all. Innovative scientific research aimed at grass root applications is being carried out here in the ancient sciences in an enliven collaboration with relevant modern sciences. Major areas of research include – Ayurveda and Yagnopathy, Total Psychology, The Science of Mantra and its Therapeutic Applications, Mantra, Yoga, Sadhana, and the Science of Spirituality, to name a few.

This center houses well equipped laboratories of Haematology, Biochemistry, Neurophysiology, Cardiology, Phytochemistry, Psychometry, Yagyopathy etc. Apart from its own team of doctors, engineers, scientists and philosophers, the center has live interaction with the Hospital, Ayurvedic Pharmacy and Yoga Labs of Shantikunj, some of the Hospitals and Universities in and around Haridwar. Distinguished researchers, professors and other experts also visit the center regularly.

The center has been conducting scientific experiments to investigate the effects of Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine, Yog Sadhana, Yagya, Gayatri-Sadhana and  Panchakarma,  on different bodily and mental functions. The subjects (experimental and the control groups) are the trainees of the sadhana programmes/camps of spiritual refinement and personality development organized regularly at Shantikunj, Hardwar. The courses are of one month and three months duration and these are open to people from all walks of the society without any discrimination of caste, religion, gender etc.

This report presents the results of rigorous statistical analysis of about three thousand five hundred observations on different Clinical parameters of the trainees of the sadhana course.

Major areas of research:

• Ayurveda and Herbal Science

• Yagyopathy

• Indian Culture and Psychology

• Life Management (Stress, Time & Thought Management)

• The Science of Mantra and its Therapeutic Applications

• The Philosophy and Science of Yoga

• Science of Spirituality

• Panchakarma Therapy

• Complementary and Alternative Medicine- Pranic Healing, Reiki, Acupressure

Gayatri Tapobhumi & Akhand Jyoti Sansthan:

Gayatri Tapobhumi , located in Mathura, India was established by Gurudev , Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya in 1950 at the completion of his 24 Gayatri Maha Purascharana , where each Mahapura Charan involves recitation of 2.4 million Gayatri Mantras per year,  the Akhand Jyoti Sansthan

Located in Mathura  is the place where Gurudev lived for about three decades, and completed most of his Mahapurascharans (reciting 2.4 million Gayatri Mantras per year), participated in India’s peaceful freedom struggle, and launched the Yug Nirman Mission ’s principal magazine “ Akhand Jyoti ” – the source of spreading the divine light of his thoughts. It is now the main center for the publication of “ Akhand Jyoti ”, which along with its translated versions has over one million subscribers.

Gayatri Tapobhumi was planted with the ever-flourishing seed of All World Gayatri Pariwar. This is a center for Yug Nirman Mission’s self-reliant education program and publication. The Movement for the Reconstruction of the Era ( Yug Nirman Yojana ) was announced from this spiritually charged place itself.  The Combination of Gayatri Tapobhumi and Akhand Jyoti Sansthan makes the best lively combination of Spirituality and Science.


Anwalkheda village is the birthplace of Gurudev Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya . It is about 12 miles from Agra, India on Jalesar road. Gurudev built an Inter College for girls and a hospital in this village. It is now being developed by the All World Gayatri Pariwar as a model village under its Movement for the Creation of Ideal Villages ( Adarsh Gram Teerth Yojana ). Apart from being a place for pilgrimage for the devotees, this center is actively spreading the Yug Nirman Mission’s rural development and social engineering projects.