Imagine, yourself standing in the middle of woods. There’s an explored pathway and you don’t have any idea where is it going. On both sides of this path are trees leaning forward and it makes a wonderful scenery to look at. A slightly cold and refreshing breeze is flowing through you and as the wind touches your skin you feel the chill. Suddenly, your mind is full of questions about this mysterious but beautiful pathway and where it leads to.

Is it going to lead you to the bank of a huge beautiful waterfall?

Or will you witness a forest of beautiful trees loaded with beautiful flowers or your favourite fruit?

What are you going to discover at the end of this undiscovered road?

Your heart and mind both at the same time tell you to embark on this conquest. You start walking and suddenly you realise that grass is fresh green with dew on it. You decide to savour this moment and choose to walk barefoot on that green grass. You could feel your feet touching the grass and step by step your joy is increasing. Suddenly, a raindrop falls on face and you realise it has started drizzling. As the first drops of rain touch the ground it starts emanating petrichor. That sweet pleasant smell when rain falls on the soil. It fills up mind with ecstasy and you are totally hypnotised. You could feel every raindrop falling on your skin and mixed with the pleasant smell and a beautiful scenery it’s like you have entered into the trance. You have never felt like this before and all the wealth cannot buy you this feeling. STOP RIGHT HERE. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

This is the problem that all the riches and wealth cannot buy you any of this until we realise that environment is precious and we are destroying it day by day. Couple of decades back this wasn’t merely an imagination, it was the reality. The lands were covered with trees, air was not toxic and refreshingly pure drinking water was available in abundance. Sadly, we cannot go back in time.

With at least 10 statutes in India including Environment Protection Act, Water Act, Indian Forest Act, Wildlife Protection Act and many others laws and provisions India is still finding ways to counter environmental pollution. And, Delhi tops this list. Here is how DIYA Delhi is working towards countering the increase in pollution with its initiative Project Hariyali.

Our Approach and Initiative: Project Hariyali

DIYA Delhi as a family of young energetic minds takes great pride that we have taken initiative to work unstoppably to change the future. Project Hariyali, is all about showing courage and taking a step forward when everybody is talking about the problem but not acting to resolve it.

DIYA Delhi launched this project with a vision of transforming this world by bringing back the natural beauty of earth and following the concept of sustainable development. We pledged that we would contribute at least one hour every week to take steps towards reshaping the future. DIYA family on every Saturday conducts tree plantation drive. We have been planting, maintaining, and growing trees all over Delhi from the last 2 years every Saturday. This project has turned into a movement in Delhi as we have completed 110+ weeks of consecutive tree plantation drives without a single break.

Why Project Hariyali?

  1. Improved Air Quality
  2. Improved Water quality
  3. Prevents Ozone Layer Depletion, Climate Change and Global Warming
  4. Improves Quality of Life and Health

To join us as a volunteer, please click on the below link.