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DE ADDIction

The harshest truth to face is that we lose thousands of people every year due to addiction. Moreover, in the last 3 we lost around 2,300 people due to drug overdose. We have to fight this battle on a united front. We cannot let the drug epidemic just destroy the youth of our nation. This is a serious concern and needs to be addressed and resolved ASAP.

One of the major projects initiated by DIYA Delhi is propagating “De-addiction’ as one of the synergetic fields is health awareness. No amount of medical advice, family’s protest, prohibition laws etc. can have the kind of impact which spiritual treatment has. Because, spirituality bears upon the core of the inner self which is the source and ultimate regulator of all mental tendencies and sentimental instincts.

We extensively distribute books and encourage moral awakening which helps in generating awareness and discouraging addiction of all kinds. Once we identify the addict/victim, we suggest easy tips and tricks for them to get rid of his/her addiction. 

Prevention of abuse of addicted victims can be aimed at three levels –

  1.           Primary prevention – of, occurrence of abuse in the vulnerable population and among the general public;
  2.           Secondary prevention – early detection and treatment of those already affected by alcohol and other addiction problem and

     iii.            Tertiary prevention – rehabilitation and integration into society.

It is rightly said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Because youth are the future of a nation, this problem calls for a mass campaign and a huge support from people to help the youth in de-addiction phase. Join us and let’s defeat the social evil of addiction together.

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