India has time to time contributed precious gifts to this world. Spirituality, Yoga, Ayurveda are few of them. We realise the importance of these and encourage all the volunteers and members to engage in these practices.

One can achieve immense contentment, peace and relief if he/she practices it in their daily life religiously. We believe that irrespective of religion, caste, gender everyone can get benefit from these practices as they are completely scientific and have been adopted by the whole world.

Special seminars, sessions are organised to promote these activities.

  1. Yoga: Scientific research has proven that Yoga helps in identifying and highlighting the inner potentials of human life and gives the right direction to attain good health and happiness. Yoga is the best scientific technique to enhance and open new dimensions in human life.

DIYA Delhi has embarked upon creating health consciousness among the youths of Delhi. Yoga sessions are regularly held in Sunday’s Motivational Programs. Separate health and wellness sessions are also held at regular intervals. One to One practise and guidance is given by yoga experts. We are also focussed on facilitating Pragya Yogasan which is a set of modified sequence of yoga steps given by Yug Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya to deal with health & stress related issues amongst the youth.

  1. Ayurveda: The rising graph of psychosomatic disorders and challenging diseases and the limitations of the widely used modern medical sciences in coping with them on the one hand, and the risks of harmful side-effects of antibiotics and synthesized drugs on the other, have revived new interest in this ancient science.

The preventive and remedial measures derived under Ayurveda deal with multidimensional complexities and problems of human life and provide solutions in perfect harmony with Nature. It is therefore most relevant and promising towards achieving complete health in the present times as well. DIYA Delhi has a multi-pronged approach to popularize this ancient science which includes dedicated sessions, seminars, free consultation and distributing ayurvedic literature.

  1. Pragya Yoga: Pragya-yog is a device for developing spiritual prudence, insight and intuition. It also makes the daily routine upright. With internal excellence, one enjoys self-satisfaction, public respect and divine pleasure. It elevates inner consciousness & creates an atmosphere of happiness and peace. It is an all-round, comprehensive program of Gayatri-Sadhana which cannot be fulfilled by Mantra-Jap alone. Pragya Yog Sadhana’s easy, logical and systematic methods for self-purification are as follows:
  • Starts with 10-15 mins Aatmabodh – thinking about new birth soon after getting up in the morning and planning the day by visualising it step by step. On this basis, the routine for the entire day should be chalked out. This thinking and pondering should not lake more them fifteen minutes. Care should be taken to fulfill the schedule during the day. If something has been left out it should be completed on the following day.
  • After completing the daily chores in the morning – do Upasana (worship) sitting near your favourite deity for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • Third step is contemplation – Manan – devote 15-20 minutes for reflecting over one’s present state and taking steps to make it better. In this one has to review his present state and position. If anything is found lacking, it should be planned how it can be fulfilled. Contemplation is done in a solitary place with closed eyes. It is necessary to become introversive and chalk out in the presence of one’s inner-self the plan of cleansing (parimarjan) and refinement (parishkar). Whatever has been done from morning till afternoon should be tested, and whatever has to be done till one goes to sleep should be planned so that the latter half day may be spent better than the former half.
  • End of the day with 10-15 minutes Tatvabodh i.e. thinking about the entire day and contemplating how we could have utilised it better by avoiding the unnecessary bits and parts. If day is spent peacefully and in best possible manner, man will not suffer agonies of hell after death and will enjoy divine peace. This process is known as attainment of real knowledge (tatva-bodh).
  • One Day Fasting – Sunday or Thursday.
  • Gayatri Anushthan once/twice in a year.

DIYA Delhi conducts regular sessions among youths to popularize this effective sadhana practise to help them gain self-confidence and strength of character.