Someone has rightly said ‘Readers are Leaders’. Books not only give us information but they are a rich source of wisdom and knowledge. Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam one of the founding members of DIYA once said that “If you read for one hour daily, you will be a centre of knowledge in few years”. Books can be our best friend and in the time of need provide us with solutions, new perspective and when the tides of times are high they give us motivation and strength to stand and face these harsh and strong waves of times.

Our initiative is simple but it has a deep ideology. We endeavour to provide motivational books in the libraries which can inspire the young readers (students who are future of the country) to aim for something which is larger than life. Such books which serve as fuel to the fire of aspirations in the students to do and become something extra-ordinary in life. We wish to cultivate a new generation of people who are young, energetic and unstoppable who have shed their mediocracy and refined their talents to burn, emerge and shine like a phoenix.

All the books in the library are provided for free to the students and all they have to do is to intake the knowledge.

Our Approach and Initiative: Project Hariyali

DIYA Delhi as a family of young energetic minds takes great pride that we have taken initiative to work unstoppably to change the future. Project Hariyali, is all about showing courage and taking a step forward when everybody is talking about the problem but not acting to resolve it.

DIYA Delhi launched this project with a vision of transforming this world by bringing back the natural beauty of earth and following the concept of sustainable development. We pledged that we would contribute at least one hour every week to take steps towards reshaping the future. DIYA family on every Saturday conducts tree plantation drive. We have been planting, maintaining, and growing trees all over Delhi from the last 2 years every Saturday. This project has turned into a movement in Delhi as we have completed 110+ weeks of consecutive tree plantation drives without a single break.

Why Project Hariyali?

  1. Improved Air Quality
  2. Improved Water quality
  3. Prevents Ozone Layer Depletion, Climate Change and Global Warming
  4. Improves Quality of Life and Health