“Utkarsh” meaning ‘prosperity or awakening’. As the name suggests our Project Utkarsh is a sincere attempt to awaken the inner talent and energy which lies dormant in every human being. As said by Swami Vivekananda “All the power lies within us. We can achieve anything we can imagine”.

To awaken this mysterious dormant power we need to channelize and focus our energy on one goal. Staying focused is the key here. We need to develop virtues like calmness, patience, perseverance, uninterrupted concentration. Most importantly we need to have set goals and unwavering motivation and an unyielding spirit.

To help the students and youngsters to stay focused on their set aims and goals we started this project about 4 years ago and we are proud to set an example that from the very beginning we haven’t taken a single break. Every Sunday no matter what the situation, no matter anyone else supports us or not, irrespective of the challenges we are committed to achieve this our goal.

Through this program our sole is to provide motivation to someone who has lost his hope out there and is in dire need of the same. In difficult situations even a single fraction of hope and motivation can help charge up a person and transform his thoughts and help him to gain new perspective.

Every Sunday we gather, interact with new people, make friends and try to exchange and absorb positive energies, gain new knowledge through the expert speakers, specialists in various fields, motivational speakers and successful people who have set new records.

We welcome you all to join us and get a chance to experience a totally different dimension full of motivation, enthusiasm and positive energy.

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