Terms & Conditions

1) Free Online Coaching for IAS exams will be provided to the selected / shortlisted students.

2) An online test shall be conducted for selection of the eligibility in scholarship.

3) DIYA / SCF will shortlist the candidates as per their own discretion and selection process.

4) Selected candidates give DIYA / SCF absolute and complete right to use/publish their name, photograph, results, progress report on any media form – digital or offline.

5) Selected candidates to provide all mandatory documents if and when asked by DIYA / SCF.

6) Any false information, will lead to immediate cancellation of the selection, as and when it comes to notice.

7) DIYA / SCF hold and reserve the right to cancel the selection of any candidate found of misusing the opportunity in any form, found to be non-serious towards the program, not following the guidelines, rules, regulations which may be changed from time to time by DIYA / SCF or both.

8) Non-Refundable Registration Fees of Rs. 51/- is being charged by DIYA for the registration & selection process.

9) No claim in any form whatsoever shall be accepted from any selected candidate or their family member/relative on SCF, DIYA, their Board Members, Committee Members during, before or after the commencement of the program.

10) Candidates are required to visit related websites and check their email (including spam folder) regularly for important updates.

11) Selected students will be provided access to the online classes by DIYA / SCF on their platforms. 

12) All decisions by DIYA / SCF in the entire program shall be final and binding.

13) No correspondence is guaranteed to any candidate filling up the form.

14) Selection of a student does not entitle any right to them whatsoever in any kind. The program offers Online Coaching to eligible students only. No requests for anything apart from this shall be entertained in absolute or in kind.

15) Economically weak and underprivileged, but deserving candidates shall be preferred.

16) Any dispute of any kind shall be subject to jurisdiction of Delhi Courts.

17) By proceeding to submit your details, you are agreeing to all the above terms and conditions.